Monday, November 29, 2010

Medical Students to Senate Republicans: Repeal Is Not the Solution to Our Health Care Crisis

While I agree with the students here, I question what part of the PPACA (Affordabl­e Care Act) will actually survive to do any good. We've already seen the provision that blocks rates to increase repealed. With rate increases already in effect (or taking effect 1/1/2011) insurance companies now have raised rates by as much as 39% to make up for having to put 26 year olds back on their parents plans (among other things).

Plus they have now made new restrictio­ns on what meds and services are covered. It's business as usual in the suck Americans' health dry for profit game.

The cumulative effect is that PPACA has decreased health care and made things much worse. By 2014 it will require all Americans to buy insurance and submit to this mandated corporate oligarchy, giving Americans less coverage, with continued denial of care and pre-existi­ng condition exclusions at higher costs, guaranteei­ng the corporate oligarchy a steady stream of government mandated corporate welfare to the insurance industry.

Repealed or not, that is exactly what will happen. The difference is that with repeal, people just might get pissed off enough to take to the streets and refuse to pay for health care insurance (and you can bet repeal will not reduce any rates), which amounts to corporate graft. It is naive to think that PPACA will have any positive effect. It is a 2000+ page monster health care legislatio­n written by and for the corporate health insurance oligarchy that runs America.
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