Friday, August 10, 2007

Chance Encounter

A man and woman on a train. Sexual implications and language.

Just made it through the sliding doors.
No seats. Have to stand.
All aboard. This is a local train. Please check the emergency procedures.

How many fucking times do I have to hear that?
Crunch. Train pulls out. I’m almost off my feet.
Take a stance and get solid.

Hmm, girl in the corner. Was she looking at me?
Do I look alright?
Next stop, Chinatown.
Oops. Almost off my feet as we stop.
Who kicked me? Not a kick really. Kind of soft.
Oh, there are legs there. Nude. Right next to me.
Didn’t see her before.
Ok, I can’t look. What’s the point anyway? We’re on a train.

Passengers are reminded to keep their feet off the seats.

The PA is blowing my ears out.
God, I have to get a pack of those ear plugs.

Someone gets up. Open seat. I’ll take it.
Oh shit. There’s the girl. Nude legs, or stockings, I guess.
Nice legs. Jesus.
Alright, what’s the point? We’re on a train.
I’ll just close my eyes. Sleep like usual. She doesn’t notice me anyway. Does she?

Please report any unattended packages to the sheriff at 800-800-8888


Next stop, Horrace avenue.
Did I nod off.
Everybody’s gone. Except her.
She’s still there directly across from me.
Nice legs. Gees, I can see the tops of her stockings.
God, she is hot. She takes out a compact. Fixes her face.

‘Hot date?’, I ask.
She just smiles. I close my eyes.
‘Is that supposed to be a pick up line?’, she responds.
Eyes open. She’s looking right at me. Nice eyes. I should say something.
So, I go over, sit next to her. ‘No’, I say.
I’m close enough to smell her. She looks into my eyes.
‘Do you like to fuck?’, I say. Her eyes widen. Then she smacks me.
That hurt.

Final stop. Please take all your belongings.

‘Sorry’, I say. She looks at me again.
I continue, ‘It’s just I have a back seat in my Chevy, in case you’re in a hurry.’
She just stares at me. ‘Pack of condoms too’, I say.
She smiles.
‘Do you use this approach with all the women you try to pick up?’
‘No. Never’
The sliding doors open. Everyone left shuffles out. Just we two are left.
‘Ok. Take me for a ride.’ She says.

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