Friday, April 29, 2011

Chase: The Evil that Banks Do

The following is an email from ShowDown in America.
Meet Virginia Holwell. Virginia paid her taxes this year. She worked for the state of Illinois for 30 years but was laid off last summer. Like many of us, she fell victim to the economic downturn caused by Wall Street and Big Banks. She’s getting on a bus from Peoria Illinois to JP Morgan Chase’s shareholder meeting in Columbus OH on May 16th.

She thought she would have another 10 years of work to pay off her mortgage.  Instead, she is out of work, hasn't been able to find another job and is struggling to make payments on her modest Peoria home with a pension that is one-third her former income.    

Virginia, like many of us, is an ideal candidate for a mortgage modification. But Virginia's bank, JP Morgan Chase, denies the modification.  Virginia is getting on the bus with other members of  Illinois People’s Action to go to the Showdown in Ohio and JP Morgan Chase’s annual shareholder meeting because, like many of us, she wants to save her home.

She also wants to take a stand and turn this country around. And some one has to because Big Banks and Wall Street are trying to run us into the ground. JP Morgan Chase must pay its fair share of taxes just like Virginia and just like the rest of us. Chase must stop foreclosing on families and get small business lending moving again so we can get working and get on our feet.

Join us in Columbus. 

Can’t come? Mark your calendars. On May 17, while we’re at the shareholder’s meeting, join us in the action by calling JP Morgan Chase Senior VP, James Gilliam. Tell him to modify Virginia Holwell’s loan, and keep families in their homes: 312-325-5057.
Rather send him an email? Here you go:

Sunday, April 24, 2011

You won't find your Soul Mate while looking for your Replica

I read a real genius "award winning" blog (appropriately titled guttervomit) about the chances of finding a soul mate, called Finding Your Soul Mate: A Statistical Analysis. Apparently this math whiz thinks that by factoring out potential mates by gender, sexual orientation, language, life expectancy, and the number of people you can potentially meet, you can determine the odds of running into your soul mate. But this is only true if you are so narcissistic that you can only love yourself or someone exactly like you.

The definition of a soul mate is one who challenges you. One you makes you think twice. One who makes you question yourself and who makes you want to be a better person. Someone just like you who accepts everything about you as perfectly fine can never do that. So the first thing you have to do is get that definition straight. It is obtuse to think that merely matching people on characteristics qualifies them as potential soul mates, when the very opposite is more likely true. If matching characteristics were a true way to go, you would clone yourself, with possibly a gender change, and voila there you go. So what this guy's post leads me to believe is that he is telling people to go fuck them self.

A soul mate is not necessarily like you. They might not speak your language. They might not be in the age range you would expect. They might not be of any of the characteristics you would bother to go looking for, and this is probably the real reason why most people never find a soul mate. They aren’t looking for someone to challenge them. They are looking for a replica of themselves.

Saturday, April 16, 2011

SUPPORT SB 810 California Universal Healthcare Act of 2011

The following is an email from Maureen Cruise RN (retired) 

SB 810  "The California Universal Healthcare Act of 2011 has been reintroduced in the California legislature.  Healthcare is a human rights issue.  People are really suffering with premium hikes, increased copays, and denials of payment.  These problems will not change with the recently enacted ACA federal reform.  SB810 is advancing to the next logical step.

The State Senate Health Committee  will consider SB810  on April 27th, 2011

Important and crucial measures to support SB 810 RIGHT NOW:

#1.  Send letters from yourself,  a business, any group/organization  has sample letters for individuals , businesses organizations and lots of information to educate oneself.
     1. Sign on as an individual supporter of SB810 and send letter to your legislators.
     2. Any group can send a letter from the organization or  any business.
     3. Encouraging your legislators to co-endorse.

Identify your own State Senator and Assemblymember online by visiting

Also send any copies of support /endorsement letters to:

Senator Mark Leno
c/o Sara Rogers
State Capitol, Room 5100
Sacramento, CA  95814
(916) 445-4722 FAX

And to the State Senate Health Committee before April 27th
The Honorable Ed Hernandez
Chair, Senate Health Committee
State Capitol, Room 2191
Sacramento, CA 95814
Fax: (916) 319-2197

#2 SIGN the online PETITION

#3 Download information/ fliers and educate the public.  Set up a table at any public site. In front of a bank or post office or any public corner or sidewalk .  Educate people.

Additional info on federal and state universal healthcare:  Physicians for National Health Program

Be well,
Despair is a greater deceiver than hope.

Sample Letter of Support for SB 810
The California Universal Healthcare Act

Please send letters of support by fax or mail to your State Senator and State Assemblymember and cc Senator Leno’s capitol office.

Identify your own State Senator and Assemblymember online by visiting

Please cc:
Senator Mark Leno
c/o Sara Rogers
State Capitol, Room 5100
Sacramento, CA  95814
(916) 445-4722 FAX

(Date), 2011

The Honorable ___________
State Capitol, Room ____
Sacramento, CA  95814

Re: Support for SB 810 (Leno)

Dear Senator/Assemblymember _____________:

I am a voter in your district and I am writing in support of SB 810 (Leno) the California Universal Healthcare Act.  It’s time for universal healthcare in California!
The single greatest problem facing California’s healthcare system and California’s economy is the growing cost of health insurance.  The number of uninsured Californians has now reached 20%, and most of the newly uninsured are from middle-class families.  It’s easy to see why.
Health insurance premiums have increased over 90% since 2000, with the average employee contributing 143% more to their company-sponsored health insurance. Meanwhile wages have only increased 20% over this time period.  Health care costs have outpaced increases in wages by a ratio of 4:1 since 2000.
Under the single payer finance system in SB 810, the money spent now on health care is enough to provide every resident of the state with excellent healthcare, ensure fair and reliable reimbursements to doctors, nurses and other providers, and guarantee a high quality of care for all.
SB 810 (Leno), the California Universal Healthcare Act would provide fiscally sound, affordable healthcare to all Californians, provide every Californian the right to choose his or her own physician and control health cost inflation.
This plan does five things:
  1. It covers everyone.
  2. It’s affordable.
  3. It guarantees our money goes to care not administration.
  4. It provides real choice.
  5. It improves quality.
Californians want access to this kind of high-quality, affordable health care.  Please take a stand in support of truly universal health care.

I strongly support SB 810.

(your legal name)
(any organizational affiliations you wish to include)
(your address)

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