Friday, December 6, 2013

got cancer? take heart - it's a growth industry

Congratulations. You have the disease of the millennium. The good news is most cancers are treatable. On the other hand some are not. But as a consolation you can take pride knowing that your cancer treatment, regardless of outcome, suffering or death, is feeding the American economy (or lack thereof). Yes caner is a major multibillion dollar industry in America. You can invest with confidence in this growth industry.

No wonder American cancer research and technology is so advanced and amazingly curing more and more people every day. Sure we had a few bumps in the road. Many people died horrible prolonged suffering deaths along the way (and some still do). But less and less people have to die now. Now you can often simply endure painful life draining hairless chemo or radiation treatments for a few months to a few years, at the bargain basement price tag of hundreds of thousands of dollars. Just think of all the hospital administrative staff and insurance adjusters than your cancer treatment supports.  Not to mention the wonderful profit potential and earnings of top tier industries in the DOW. What's it up to now?

Yes, cancer is money. And you may be wondering how we've been so successful in America at sustaining this lucrative disease. Well, there's 7-11, McDonald's, Burger King, Carl's Junior, and Starbucks. Walk into any cancer treatment center and what do you see? McDonald's and Starbucks, of course. Two of the biggest cancer industry supporters. Some of these even have state mandated disclaimers on their store fronts, warning of the carcinogenic dangers of eating there. But we are Americans! We don't pussy out at a few warning labels. Hell just look at the tobacco industry. This is what made America (or at least the top 0.001 percent who remain in the black). Be a man. Suck it up. Die for your country (or at least the bank rollers thereof).

And did I mention GMOs? Yes, the food industries that proliferate modified foods all over America make it virtually impossible to find real food anywhere. And if that's not enough, we have fluoride poured into our drinking water supplies. Most Americans don't know this, but in fact fluoride is known in some circles to be a major cause of most cancers. GMOs are outlawed in many other countries. But not here in America where we pride ourselves on corporate profits. After all the working girls on Wall Street need your support. And I have to admit, I do whatever I can to help the working girl. How about you?

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