Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Who are you?


Is this Larry?

Who's calling?

I'm Wendy Ferguson, with Mutual Applied Assistance Care. We show you listed at 458 Temple Boulevard in Akron Ohio. Is that correct?

I don't know you and I never heard of mutual whatever.

Yes. Well we show that you have a balance of 35,886.51 on you college loan. Can we make some kind of arrangement to get this paid off?

I never made any loans with Mutual anyone.

Well, trust me sir. You do have an outstanding balance.

Trust you? Can I see your ID?

Well we're on the phone here.

OK, well email it to me.

Sir, I can't email you my ID.

Why not?

Look that's not the way we do business. I can't send you my personal information.

But you have my personal information, don't you?


And I never heard of you.

Sir Mutual is a well respect agency accredited by the federal government as a loan collection agency.

So what? How do I know you're not lying? How do I know you really are Wendy whatever? How do I know your company even exists?

Well I assure you, any information you give me is kept in strict confidence. Our company does exist, and I am Wendy.

Really? Tell you what. How about you send me a copy of the loan agreement with my signature between me and Mutual.

Sir, I don't have that readily available. I can send you a copy of the information I do have in front of me.

Does it contain my signature?


Well there you go. Any legal agreement for a loan requires signatures of both parties, does it not?

Sir this is not a legal call. I simply wish to make payment arrangements.

Tell you what. Tell me what you're wearing.


Yeah, you heard me.

Sir this is inappropriate. I will have to report you if you continue.

Go ahead. report me. What color is your underwear?

I'm sorry I will have to terminate this call. Good-bye.

Have a nice day.

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