Sunday, April 24, 2011

You won't find your Soul Mate while looking for your Replica

I read a real genius "award winning" blog (appropriately titled guttervomit) about the chances of finding a soul mate, called Finding Your Soul Mate: A Statistical Analysis. Apparently this math whiz thinks that by factoring out potential mates by gender, sexual orientation, language, life expectancy, and the number of people you can potentially meet, you can determine the odds of running into your soul mate. But this is only true if you are so narcissistic that you can only love yourself or someone exactly like you.

The definition of a soul mate is one who challenges you. One you makes you think twice. One who makes you question yourself and who makes you want to be a better person. Someone just like you who accepts everything about you as perfectly fine can never do that. So the first thing you have to do is get that definition straight. It is obtuse to think that merely matching people on characteristics qualifies them as potential soul mates, when the very opposite is more likely true. If matching characteristics were a true way to go, you would clone yourself, with possibly a gender change, and voila there you go. So what this guy's post leads me to believe is that he is telling people to go fuck them self.

A soul mate is not necessarily like you. They might not speak your language. They might not be in the age range you would expect. They might not be of any of the characteristics you would bother to go looking for, and this is probably the real reason why most people never find a soul mate. They aren’t looking for someone to challenge them. They are looking for a replica of themselves.

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