Tuesday, May 13, 2008

White Rabbits or At Least Hitler was Honest

Genocide. It's so neat and clean to use one simple word to encapsulate the vast intense black hole of evil that pervades a certain strain of perverted human garbage, a.k.a. Nazis, racial supremacists, right-wing extremists, or more politically correct, Republicans. Perhaps it's not hereditary. There are people (using the term loosely) of all ethnicities, I think, that are prone to find joy in death and destruction. The killing of the innocent. The power of ending life. Perhaps it's a God complex. Power. Greed. Self esteem. Things lacking in one's life that can easily be had by the prostitution of one's mind and body to this nebulous evil. This abstract concept of genocide, death, destruction; the antithesis of life and love, also quite abstract and nebulous concepts. There's a fine line between love and hate, life and death, construction and destruction. It's a cycle. A ying and yang. A rebirth. A rationalization.

But I think heredity has something to do with it. The pure bread, though non-existent, believe such things. Things like the concept of being pure bread, or at least a breed above the rest, an elite. Do these terms ring a bell? You'll find them used in military circles. There are elite companies, squadrons, groups of men known by these terms. They may even admit a few token women, or persons of other ethnicity. I supposed if a person can group-think it can work, regardless.

Then there's the psychological profile of a killer. The child who kills a small animal and finds joy or satisfaction in it; who grows up to find greater joy in killing people. There's the satisfaction in killing the innocent. They don't expect it. They just stand there in awe while you slaughter them. Part of my military training was to watch our instructor kill a rabbit and then cook it. Actually he had one of us kill it, whack it on the head with a blunt object. Quite disgusting. I didn't have to take part in it. I made a fishing line and pole and successfully caught a fish. There's something less evil about fishing. My instructor couldn't understand why I just threw that filleted fish into the stew with the rabbit. I guess after watching them kill and disembowel that rabbit, I didn't have a appetite for fish. That's military training.

The military is by definition the epitome of evil. Militants. Trained killers. Life takers and heart breakers. They say those words with a chuckle as if it were something acceptable to be proud of instead if the sick twisted perversion that it is. Is it really cool to take lives and break hearts?

All species evolve and then die, except maybe roaches, and I understand Cher may be an exceptional mutation. If ever there were an indication of what human traits could lead to extinction it would be the military. Almost every nation has a military. It's perhaps considered a "necessary evil". Now there's an interesting concept, the necessity of evil. Even Pavlov's dog isn't capable of learning the concept of negation. meaning dogs can't understand what things they should not do. They can only comprehend what they need and want, kind of like Republicans.

Hitler openly killed six million Jews, give or take. You see how easy it is to trivialize such an atrocity when it can be boiled down to a sentence like that. Even the word atrocity hardly touches the intense perversion of this black hole in humanity. But back to my point, Hitler was upfront and honest about it. He labeled Jews, herded them openly into the slaughter. He was proud of it. His armies were proud of it. Their descendants and present day human decay remnants are proud of it.

Then come the Republicans. Corn fed, lobotomized, Virginia farm boys with the intelligence of an amoeba. Vietnam. Iraq. Genocide. Baby killing. It's not just babies it's all people who happen to be in their way. All communists. All Asians. All Arabs. All Muslims. They label people first, then systematically blow them into pieces of bone, flesh, and disemboweled internal organs. It's hardly any different than what Hitler did, except for the fact that they lie about it. They cover this pile of steaming corn speckled dinosaur shit with a pink satin silk sheet of lies and deception. It's for oil. It's for freedom. It's a liberation, a democratization.

More encapsulating words that hardly define the vast complex of death and destruction they represent. And so it's no surprise that Bush has been compared to Hitler. But Bush is a Yale man. He studied history and learned from Hitler's mistakes. He goes to the head of this class of human waste. The best of the worst. Killing for the sake of power, control, self-esteem, and greed. Anything and everything that could possibly define evil is what this really is. But the world is held captive by these dregs of humanity that have studied over time and learned, like Pavlov's dog, how to play with fire, how to touch the stove and not get burned, how to reap life from the world like death, and like death, how to bask in the glory of the power of the anti-Christ.

Be honest about who you are. Vote Republican. Good dog.

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