Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Bleeding Heart Conservatives: Why McCain is Unfit for Office

When people show public concern over the homeless or those without health care or the unemployed or the innocent victims of war, there are plenty of conservatives around to quickly label them bleeding heart liberals, as if any type of concern for your fellow humans is some sort of character weakness. Yet the same people will whine about their new candidate, John McCain, and the horrific suffering he endured as a P.O.W. Somehow shedding tears over war heroes isn't a weakness while shedding tears over innocent women and children killed in a war is.

So why was McCain a P.O.W.? He was a war criminal. He killed thousands of people, innocent women and children. Many people suffered at the business end of the weapons he deployed from his fighter jet in Vietnam. Did I get the facts straight? We know so much about his P.O.W. war record. How about his kill record? How many kills did he have? How many innocent people died at his hand?

Now you may say, it was a war. He is forgiven for being a patriot and fighting for his country. But what the hell does that rhetorical bullshit really mean? Are we not global citizens? Is this not a global economy? Is not the world getting smaller as technology bridges the cultures of the world and makes us one human race?

If you can accept that those innocent victims of war died out of circumstance and therefore you need not shed any tears over them, can you also accept that McCain's stay in a P.O.W. camp and his torture was also a circumstance of war and therefore you need not shed any tears for him or feel sorry. Has he expressed any remorse or sorrow for the death and destruction he rendered upon a civilization? No. He is proud of his war record and is more than willing to continue war in the middle east. He is a war monger. How effective can a president of our country be in a global community if he considers people of certain other cultures as subhuman?

In order to accept concepts like collateral damage or bleeding heart liberals you have to think of yourself as above those you demean. You have to think of other cultures as subhuman. They are not worthy of your tears. But somehow, so called, war heroes are. And so the last thing this failing democracy needs in the global community is a bigot in the white house.

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