Friday, September 13, 2013

Militarized Law: An Internal Terroism of Student Incarceration

At what point does the militarization of law enforcement become domestic terrorism? My kids were "locked down" in their high school for over *five hours due to a "threat". "Lock Down" is a term associated with prisons and incarceration. This is not the first time this has happened. Over 3,000 kids were locked into their classrooms, with no ability to even use a bathroom. Students were forced to urinate in trash cans in the same classroom with other students, while armed officers patrolled the school. This is a prison.

Meanwhile a SWAT team swings into action looking for a threat that does not exist. When was the last time a SWAT team stopped a school shooting? It is rare. The usual case is that police show up after the fact when it's too late. SWAT is a reaction. It is not protection.

Is there not a better way to handle this situation? Is it really necessary to subject innocent children to this terrorizing health threatening incarceration?

'The lock down was lifted after about three hours. But many students still had to wait another two hours for the processing to be completed. My kids were not freed until around 8PM from a lock down that began at around 3PM.

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