Saturday, March 10, 2012

The Problem: It's Money that Matters. Money and Sadism.

The problem with capitalism is money. Pretty much everything requires money and especially the basic necessities of food, clothing, shelter, healthcare, education, infrastructure, energy, transportation. If we could eliminate money, everything would be fine. The occupy people have done this by living on a resourced based social needs system (until they were dispersed by federally coordinated police in riot gear).

Until a resourced based system works for everyone (without fear of police), what we need to do is to guarantee people basic necessities. It's not like we can't afford this. The trillions we spend on war, and the exorbitant wealth that the few have can be put to this task. After all, the rich remain rich only because they feed off government corporate welfare. So don't tell me that America is about competition and earning one's wealth. It's not. It's about scam, greed, and government bailout. It's time for us to take the cue from our leaders and bailout all the people.

We need to guarantee all people a basic minimum necessities (as illustrated by Michael Moore in Capitalism: A Love Story). But I don't buy that people need jobs. People only need jobs if you assume that people need money and that jobs are the only way to get it. People don't need money. People need basic necessities.

The government should provide for all and give people an opportunity to return the favor with their skills and talent. At some point as people become better skilled and masterful, they can trade for bigger and better things beyond the basic minimums. People need the freedom to pursue the things they love to do, and not have to work at whatever job they can find just to survive to pay rent and electricity. Capitalism (true capitalism) can work for people who achieve beyond what they are given; for people who return something to society. But it can not work for those who must struggle to even feed their families or find a place to live. It is nothing new. We have always known this.

No one really wants to live at a minimum standard, and this gives people incentive to excel at what they love. The incentive of working to make money just to live is pure hell. For those who are unable or unwilling to go beyond the minimum, then so be it. That's a small problem to be left with. This is not socialism, certainly no more than government corporate bailouts are.

Our current system is sadistic. I believe that too many of the rich stay rich and protect their wealth, not for necessities, not for luxuries, not for honor or status alone. They do this because they are sick with greed and sadism. They revel at the power of having exorbitant wealth while so many have to scrimp and crawl just to survive. They want to keep people down. These are the things that plague our society. It's not joblessness, not unemployment, not the economy, not politics, not leadership. It's the sickness of people in power. We are controlled by the sickly cruel and sadistic wealthy who feed on power and control like junkies.

We need to identity exactly when and where this sickness takes place and find ways to address it. We need to cut it from our society like the cancerous tumor it is. Along with Michael Moore, I think the root of all our problems stems back to the issues of money and what we jokingly refer to as capitalism.

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