Monday, January 23, 2012

Don't Vote. Revolt!

A friend told me that it's not so much the 1% that screw over the 99%, but more importantly it's the 20% that screw over the other 80%, which makes a lot of sense when you realize we live in a kiss-ass-corporate Plutarchy that rewards people for keeping the 1% where they are. You must know of the Peter Principle that states, "in a hierarchy every employee tends to rise to his level of incompetence." So how about you do away with hierarchies? Enter the Occupy movement and organized anarchy.

The caveat is that the Peter principals screw up, but they tell people exactly what they want to hear. Enter Barack Obama. Obama quelled the uprising masses who had it with the Bush-ocracy, by telling you, "yes we can," plus "change." Except he continued the Bush policies of war, torture, Gitmo,
corporate welfare bailout, and added in the removal of due process from American law. The American police state, by way of Obama's signature, now has the power to arrest you and lock you away without due process. So much for upholding and defending the Constitution of the United States against all enemies foreign and domestic. This law makes liars out of the President, the Congress who passed it, and every military and police person who executes or upholds it. The U.S. is now officially a country run by sadistic murdering thugs.

And now you say it's an election year so lets look at the candidates. Are you kidding? Everyone but everyone knows damned well there is not one candidate, especially Obama, who will change a damned thing to stop the American Police State Corporate Welfare Plutarchy on its current course toward the fall of the American empire (which would actually be a good thing). So why bother watching the election media sideshow? You know all of them are lying sacks of human
waste. It matters not who gets elected. It will remain business as usual. The only course of salvation is to ignore and marginalize the politicians who champion the status quo of American Empirical Sadistic Repression of anyone who doesn't kiss up to the 1%. Don't bother to vote. Don't waste your time watching polls and debates or listening to talk shows about candidates. It is all subversion to keep you from thinking about the reality of the demise of what was once an American dream of democracy and freedom.

Maybe you think not to vote means letting the Republicans (or Democrats) win. So what? Progressives are quelled into complacency by Democrats like Obama who promise and talk a good game, and then make Bush proud. It would be better to let things demise with Republicans in charge which would cause a backlash and uprising. It has to get worse before it gets better. That's reality. Otherwise, you remain catatonic Wall Street wage slaves. Don't think for yourself. Better get to bed so you can keep on working for the man.

What you really need is media programming on alternatives to our government. Why are we watching these idiots with baited breath until election eve? No one cares anyway, except the ego-maniacal airbrushed politicians themselves and their benefactors on Wall Street. I'm not advocating an all out revolution or coup. I'm just saying we should marginalize our government and especially our so called "leaders" by ignoring them and finding alternative ways to live without them. They earn no respect. Ignore the ignorant idiots.

Imagine a world without money. Now don't go off half cocked thinking this is ludicrous. What's ludicrous is watching another debate where people cheer the annual systematic death of 45,000 Americans through denial of healthcare so that corporations can make a few extra bucks. What's ludicrous is listening to politicians promising the moon and stars and knowing all too well they will never deliver, nor could they if they wanted to. You know this is true. You know they are liars. So just stop and think for a moment. Why watch futile debates over futile elections?

Think about some alternatives to this screwed up society. I don't have answers. I have questions, I have a need to find out what can we all do to overcome this madness. Listening to another election is not the answer. You need debate to hash out and brainstorm about what else we can do, and not to choose between frick and frack for president. Politicians will not do anything to upset their money train. But upsetting the money train is exactly what is prescribed, and you know it.

You need radio and TV shows where people debate alternatives to our current government and our current society. You need programs where people talk about anarchy and how organized and successful it can be. You need programs where people talk about how a leaderless society can make decisions where you have the power to decide by consensus. You need talk about true democracy. You don't need to watch another police state election where protesters get their heads bashed in and idiots become rulers of the American Empire.

Imagine. Imagine a world without money. Imagine if people lived through shared resources, by helping each other out with professional courtesy, by trading services for services, goods for goods. You could call it barter. But that's really way too simplistic a description. It's more a concept of a shared resource society. To live without money, would deny Wall Street the power that money holds over you. Think about it. Perhaps increased social services for people in need. What you need government for is to provide housing, healthcare, food, clothing, shelter, education (not indoctrination), child care, jobs, a living wage. You need your government to guarantee minimal social, health, and financial security standards of life for all people.

You don't need them to guarantee that Wall Street makes exorbitant profits. The DOW is not a measure of America's wealth or success. It is a measure of the 1%'s wealth. Why are you a wage slave to the 1%? This is a feudal society. You need to find a way out. The news media agenda has been set by the 1% to have you waste your attention and energy arguing over Democrats vs. Republicans, which is nothing more than asking a prisoner to choose between a good cop and a bad cop. You need to get out of jail. Wake up.

Don't vote. Revolt!

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