Sunday, January 6, 2008

The AMPTP: What's Wrong with these People? posted a letter, "As Long as it Takes", from Jay Kogen to the WGA and supporters explaining why the AMPTP is so screwed up. Here are some excerpts:
Could the internet be even more valuable than even we think? What if the studios know it’s going to be worth so very much so very soon that shelving a TV season is nothing compared to the money they’ll make in the future if they can get us to take a bad deal? What if every tenth of a point they give up is worth billions of dollars in the next 10 to 20 years? If all you cared about is making money, you’d wait and hope the WGA either falls apart or weakens enough to take less of “your” pie.
The AMPTP has made a grave miscalculation. We know we are fighting for the very ability to make a living in the future. We know we are losing money now we won’t get back – but it is for the greater good and for the least powerful among us. We get that. We’re good with that. The corporate mind can’t fathom it.

Check out this video: As Long as it Takes

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